Deal with the Devil

“Only a deal with the Devil can help ya now.”

The mantra echoed in her mind as she stood with soiled hands at the crossroads, whispers of bondage falling from reddened lips.

The demon came in the form of a lover.

A decade of passion for the price of one soul.

Yet Another Update Post

Hey, everyone. Long time, no talk. Other than a few writing snippets, I haven’t been around much. Unfortunately, I’ve been neglecting all of my social media for the better part of a month due to a multitude of issues that I won’t talk (err…write) about right now. However, I am working on changing that.

First of all, I got a job at a local animal clinic. I started on Monday, but the owner gave me the day off today in order to keep myself from getting tired out. Basically, I work in the hospital taking care of the sick animals. I think my official title is Kennel Assistant, but my team is more of a cross between that and a Vet Tech. It’s hard work with its ups and downs (one of the dogs I walked and played with ended up having to be put down, so that was difficult), but I do enjoy it. I’m learning a lot about a field I never thought I’d work in despite my love of animals, so I’m grateful for that.

Secondly, I found out two of my mini-stories were picked to be in the VSS 365 Anthology, which makes me ridiculously happy. I never thought I’d be picked once, let alone twice. I feel so privileged to be included with a pool of talented writers. Here is a link with more information.

Third, I started talking to an amazing woman. I don’t want to jinx anything, but she’s incredible and I think everything will turn out well for us. It’s long-distance, but I’m not a stranger to that. I’m confident it will all work out.

Finally, I’m happy to say I’m finding my way back toward the right spiritual path. The best way I can describe it is eclectic Paganism with a focus on witchcraft. I’m sure several of my readers will laugh at this, but frankly, I don’t care. I have a family history (no, I’m not claiming to be descended from Salem witches) on both sides and was raised in a pretty eccentric family where talks of the paranormal were…well…normal. I haven’t felt this spiritually fulfilled since I was a teen. I’m working on getting some of my favorite tools together and I’m excited to delve deeper into my practice.

As far as writing goes, I’m getting a little bit done each day. I doubt I’ll be finish a book in the near future, but at least the wheels are turning.

Until next time.

Earth Magic

The lavender bush quivered at Rowan’s touch, a sentient reminder of her commitment. Humming a harmonious melody, she let the magic flow from her fingertips into the soil.

When harvest season approached, the plants gave themselves willingly.

Pappaw’s Pocket-Watch

After my grandfather died, I kept his pocket-watch in a vintage jewelry box adorned with roses. It lay undisturbed among other trinkets for twenty years.

The moment I came out (and again on my wedding day), I heard ticking.

Pappaw had given me his blessing.


The lotus flower bloomed at her touch, evoking a gasp from the others. They watched in awe as the soil quivered beneath her feet. The Earth had claimed another witch, and she couldn’t be happier.

Mother’s Lament

She buried her son under the willow tree just before dawn. The birds sang a mournful song as she pressed the lock of hair to her lips. Bloodied tears stained the vampire’s cheeks. Her family would suffer at the hands of vigilantes no longer.

Witching Hour

The crucible of blood and bone ended when the clock struck three. Mary waited with bated breath as those she once loved circled around her, chanting in primeval tongues.

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