Whispers of ancient beings prickle my skin and rattle my senses. Sandalwood pierces the air, scratching my throat and strangling my words. They laugh as my knees buckle, and in their hubris, they forget.

Their screams are a somber melody, and I am Death’s composer.

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The child retreated into the corner, clutching a teddy bear. Her blue eyes flashed to amber as Luna inched forward.

Fear hung in the air as the two wolves locked gazes, their feet rooted to the floor.

It was Luna who broke the silence. “Hi, Tori. I’m your mom.”

Like my writing? Consider donating to my GoFundMe campaign to replace my broken laptop so I can continue doing what I love.


The stench of animal carcasses forced Luna to suck in a breath. Hunters chalked it up to a rogue just passing through. Surveying the scene, she thought otherwise. Her time away left Luna with little faith in coincidence.

A low growl rose in her throat. He was back.

Like my writing? Consider donating to my GoFundMe campaign to replace my broken laptop so I can continue doing what I love.


Luna stepped outside to drink in the forest surrounding her childhood home. Trees her mother had planted mingled with their ancestors to create a verdant sanctuary. It spoke to the wolf that clawed at her belly, begging to be set free. With a heavy sigh, she obliged.

Like my writing? Consider donating to my GoFundMe campaign to replace my broken laptop so I can continue doing what I love.

Asking for Help

So, if you’ve been following me on any of my social media accounts, you know I hate asking for help. I can’t help that. As I’ve mentioned before, I was raised in a blue-collar family where hard work is extremely valued, even if it meant working two or three jobs to get what you wanted. We can debate the morality of a nation that requires many of its citizens to do just that in order to survive another time. The fact remains that we learn our values from our family and it can be very difficult to get out of that mentality.

Many of you are aware my laptop is on its last legs. I’ve had so many issues with overheating even though I have a laptop desk with built-in fans. There’s also extensive external damage that you can see here:

Can you say “yikes?”

While I don’t really make much of a living with writing (the exception being transcription, but that’s rare), I do plan to change that as soon as I’m able. I also plan to take online classes later this year and I can’t do that if my laptop dies.

A writer friend on Twitter convinced me to start a GoFundMe here. I understand there are many other worthy causes out there (and I am NOT comparing myself to people who are actually suffering), but if you’re feeling generous, please consider donating. If you cannot donate, please consider sharing. I would greatly appreciate it.

On a writing-related note, I had a very peculiar dream last night about witches and prisons. I’m pretty excited to see where it goes.

Thank you for reading!

Kind of an Update

I swear that I had every intention of getting this blogging thing down, but it seems I’m not very good at it. I think part of it is because I don’t have THAT much going on other than managing to write a little each day. Frankly, that’s an accomplishment within itself.

Since my last non-writing post, I’ve gone back to the doctor because I thought I had a pinched nerve. Turns out, all the pain and muscle spasms I’ve had for years is likely fibromyalgia. My mother has been trying to tell me for years, but I just figured it was the product of working in warehouses. Guess what, guys? It’s not normal for someone in their twenties to have full-body muscle spasms all the time. Whoddathunkit?

The doctor put me on steroids and muscle relaxers, which have helped tremendously. I did miss a dose last night, though. Let’s just say I did not wake up on the right side of the bed this morning. Still, I’m grateful for them.

As far the depression goes, it’s gotten a little better, but there’s a reason mood stabilizers are prescribed alongside an anti-depressant for Bipolar patients. I still haven’t set up an appointment with a psychiatrist, but that’s mostly due to time constraints than anything else. At least I’m not spiraling.

Job-wise, I haven’t found one yet. There are some promising leads (including a bookstore, which I would LOVE), so hopefully, I can replace my laptop soon. And if not, well, I guess I can try to make a go of writing for money. Not sure how I’d do that without a degree, but it can’t hurt. If anyone has some tips on that front, please share.

Last but not least, writing. I am trying to participate in daily challenges on Twitter. Some days are better than others. I haven’t made much progress on any of my WIPs, but that’s mostly due to my being terrified my laptop will self-destruct.

Here’s to better days.


The susurrus of the river granted Luna peace of mind. She leaned back against the black oak tree that had once served as a shield against her father’s wrath and dug her nails into the dirt. A smile emerged as a wave of calm washed over her. Nature hadn’t left her yet.